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Our approach

For the past six years we have focused single-mindedly on making our client companies more successful through solutions that help them better understand, consider, respond to and engage stakeholders – be it employees, government departments, environmentalists, social activists, suppliers, customers, communities, the media, industry role players or whoever else may hold a stake in their organisations.

Our track record is built on our ability to conceptualise innovative solutions for long-standing stakeholder problems and the quality of our work.

The quality we bring to our work flows from our deep academic roots, wealth of practical experience, exposure to international trends and best practice methodologies. We use these competencies in partnership with our clients to co-create innovative business solutions that work and deliver measurable results.

Our starting point is, and always will be, the client’s business need. Our compass is sustainable growth. Our energy source is our commitment to our clients’ continued success.

G³ Business Solutions will remain a centre of excellence with limited, highly skilled resources. We believe this approach guarantees our ability to continue co-creating new solutions with our clients and pioneering innovative strategies. Some of these have already changed the face of traditional “corporate communication” and may, sometime in the future, shift thinking about Stakeholder Relationship Management and Corporate Social Responsibility.