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Examples: Communication audits and research

Communication audit: ICT Industry

The audit measured communication effectiveness at Neotel as part of a process to establish effective corporate and line management communication. We assessed the performance of various communication channels. The contribution of these channels to communication effectiveness was then determined statistically. The findings resulted in detailed recommendations on improving communication effectiveness by focusing on areas where maximum impact can be achieved.

Culture and climate survey: Mining Industry

Recognising the need to protect its operations against unwanted attrition and labour unrest while safeguarding productivity, senior executives at BRP decided to seek renewed understanding of “the voice of the workforce” and its implications for the organisation. To foster a high performance culture where employees support business objectives, the purpose of this survey was to determine what drives employees’ decisions to commit to the mine and volunteer extra effort on the job. Insight into the drivers of commitment resulted in practical avenues to motivate employees, inspire higher productivity and build the desired organisational culture.

Communication audit: Financial Services

The client commissions this annual communication audit to measure the effectiveness of internal communication. We evaluated the performance of each communication channel, and determined internal communication's overall effectiveness by measuring its contribution to employees’ understanding of the business strategy and challenges facing the company, their sense of community, perceived level of engagement and overall satisfaction with internal communication.