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Examples: Configuration of key strategic resources

Strategy Development and Performance Modelling: Financial Services

Group Communication, Strategic Communication and Activation, Individual Life Marketing and Individual Life Communication are the four clients within the extended Liberty family that benefited from our guidance in strategy development, planning and organisational design. Essential to these four separate processes was the ability to deploy strategic priorities - which define the desired end state - into specific roles and responsibilities of different teams in granular detail. We also configured key strategic resources to deliver on strategic goals. The functional interdependencies between different functional teams were mapped and supported by rules on engaging each other.

Gap analysis to recalibrate Marketing and Communication: ICT industry

We conducted a gap analysis to provide Altech with practical benchmarks in Marketing and Communication Management and international trends and best practices to reflect the performance of companies in the Group and identify performance gaps. We recommended a new way of recalibrating the Marketing and Communication function to bridge these performance gaps.