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Examples: Interactive presentations and web based solutions

Interactive Presentations: ICT Industry

Making use of various interactive functions, with exciting graphics and layout, we developed six interactive presentations for Cell C over a period of a year. The content for each presentation was researched extensively on international databases prior to developing a storyline to effectively articulate key messages. The presentations dealt with topics such as crisis communication, communicating change in difficult times, the SA media landscape and media engagement by the CEO and the role and impact of women from a socio-political perspective during 15 years of democracy.

Interactive Corporate Profile

We developed an interactive corporate profile in collaboration with the client company. This profile comprises layers of information about the 21 operating companies in the Group, presented from both a geographical and functional portal. The presenter can, based on the interest of the audience, use either the geographical or functional view to navigate the presentation and can either take a deep dive or conduct a high-level analysis.