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Examples: Surveys and reporting tools

Customer Research: Retail Sector

Massmart wanted to build in-house capacity to conduct its own surveys in any of the stores within its stable. Through a process of co-creation, we sourced the survey technology (both hard- and software), trained individuals and developed the organisation’s capacity to deal with customer-related surveys where and when it deems necessary. We are also involved in an advisory capacity as far as conceptualisation and data collection for Massmart’s quarterly customer satisfaction surveys are concerned, and are responsible for advanced statistical analysis and reporting on these and other surveys.

Customer Satisfaction study: FMCG Sector

The client approached us to develop a cost effective solution to test customer perceptions of service and product quality. Deploying techno leverage, our solution entailed making use of a handheld PDA device, equipped with survey software, to capture customers’ feedback in-store, immediately submit results to a server and make top-line results available in real time. Following a pilot round, the solution has now been rolled out in urban areas nationally for monthly surveys at Scooters Pizza stores.

Culture and Climate survey: Lifestyle Industry

Our online survey measured employee perceptions and experience of the Virgin Active SA workplace by means of a number of culture and climate dimensions such as leadership, teamwork, job satisfaction and communication. Extensive data analysis provided insight into different employee subgroups’ (job levels, regions, departments, clubs) experience of the company’s culture and climate. A number of tailor-made reporting tools enable managers on different levels to access team results for their teams, and implement improvement steps.

Customer Satisfaction: Lifestyle Industry

Virgin Active SA needed a cost-effective method for tracking customer satisfaction at its more than 100 health clubs around the country on a quarterly basis. We developed an online survey platform and manage the survey by contacting around 90,000 members each quarter to participate in the survey. An interactive reporting tool has been developed for easy access to survey results, allowing for detailed comparison of data across quarters, clubs and departments.