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Examples: Research in rural communities

Informal Settlements survey: Mining Industry

A detailed profile of the six biggest informal settlements around Lonmin Platinum’s Marikana operations, which we presented in a Q & A format. The study provided in-depth insights into the reasons why people settle in informal settlements, their origin, household composition, employment and financial situation, experiences and hopes and dreams.

Housing needs assessment: Mining Industry

Two separate surveys amongst Lonmin Platinum’s Category 3 –8, and C band employees assessed employees’ household and housing situations, housing needs and preferences, as well as affordability as a key variable in planning future housing projects for employees.

Household wellbeing post employment: Mining Industry

This longitudinal study investigated how the employment of male versus. female workers at Lonmin Platinum impacted on household wellbeing. We measured wellbeing indicators such as family health, income, expenditure patterns, household composition, access to health, education and services and goods in 180 households.  The study was carried out over a period of 18 months.