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About us

Our approach

Top-rated services

Areas of expertise

Client base

Top-rated services

Over the past seven years our clients have shown the greatest interest in the following products:

  • Communication audits and research to measure the effectiveness of employee engagement. more

  • Stakeholder perception audits (especially with community and government stakeholders). more

  • The Stakeholder Hub and related services pertaining to effective stakeholder engagement. more

  • Strategy and scorecard development for the management disciplines: Corporate Affairs, Corporate Communication, Sustainable Development, Stakeholder Management, Services Marketing, and Corporate Brand Management. more

  • Configuration of key strategic resources (people, budget, processes) into a composition that can optimally deliver on marketing, corporate communication and stakeholder engagement strategies. Such configuration is often linked to gap analyses against existing benchmarks. (The term “restructuring” does not feature in our lexicon.) more

  • Training and capacity building in the defined areas of our expertise. more

  • Train2Engage, an online solution in partnership with the University of Pretoria providing leaders and managers with effective engagement skills. more

On a more tactical level, our clients often engage our services for:

  • Cost effective (low budget) surveys and reporting tools. We can deliver these by using technology in an innovative manner. more

  • Research in rural communities. In this regard our strength is the sensitivity we display towards indigenous cultures and languages, literacy challenges and the context within which research is conducted. more

  • Workshop facilitation to reach contracted outcomes. Our approach is to place the participants at the core of the process. more

  • Developing interactive presentations and web based solutions. more