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Examples: Strategy and scorecard development

Stakeholder Engagement Strategy: Mining Industry

The complex stakeholder environment of Anglo Platinum necessitated a refined and thorough stakeholder engagement strategy, as well as a more centralised and standardised approach to stakeholder engagement. Focusing on the Corporate Office, six South African operations and a mining project in Zimbabwe, the project entailed the co-creation of a stakeholder engagement framework for the Group. The framework included an engagement strategy, scorecard, programmes, stakeholder maps and profiles, protocols and an issues management process.

Strategy Development: Financial Services

Commissioned by the Board Committee on Sustainability, a cross-functional team of executives from Santam and Sanlam worked with us on the development of a high-level Stakeholder Relations Strategy. The process includes a thorough assessment of stakeholders and issues, profiling of key strategic stakeholders, a stakeholder engagement programme and policy, a scorecard to measure achievement of strategic engagement goals and a change management programme to enable these businesses to fully embrace the principles of effective engagement.

Strategy Development: National Government Department

We devised a strategy for the National Department of Social Development (DSD) to ensure that its Customer Service Charter is: (1) received positively by members of the DSD family, (2) internalised by its customer-facing staff and staff of implementation partners, (3) promoted among the millions of citizens who make use of a service rendered by the DSD and (4) honoured when customers take action and complain about poor and/or inefficient service or maladministration.

Strategy Development and Performance Modelling: Government Agency

A nine month process which formed part of an overall Special Investigation Unit organisational redesign. Our involvement focused on the Communication function. Apart from a comprehensive stakeholder mapping and profiling exercise, supported by a stakeholder engagement policy and protocol, other deliverables included: a strategy with associated scorecard, functional design and structure, roles and responsibilities for each position, mapping of core processes, developing a media policy, operational planning, capacity building and training as well as measurement and evaluation.

Strategy Development: Financial Services

We provided assistance to ABSA to develop a communication strategy for the Group, and build resource capacity to execute the strategy. We also mapped core processes in the interest of process efficiency. Several workshops were also facilitated to ensure role player understanding and buy-in.

Strategy Development and Performance Modelling: ICT Industry

How to articulate, substantiate and measure the value created by the Group Communication function at MTN? This was the central question that steered this solution-driven process. By conducting a comprehensive environmental and stakeholder analysis, we gained a set of superior insights about the function’s unique value proposition. By unpacking this value proposition as a desired end state, it became possible to determine strategic focus.
Operationalising the strategic focus resulted in three processes that run in parallel: (1) configuration of key strategic resources to deliver on the strategy; (2) detailed operational planning per team; and (3) performance contracting of individuals in these teams.

Stakeholder Management Strategy: Mining Industry

Based on research findings and a thorough environmental analysis, we developed a one-year strategy for Wesizwe Platinum to structure its communication with stakeholders across the board. This comprehensive strategy included an operational plan and scorecard, as well as the development of a complaint and suggestion scheme.

Socio-economic guidelines for mine closure: Mining Industry

This project resulted from the socio-economic deterioration which accompanies the closing down of coal mines in areas of Natal and Mpumalanga. It was commissioned by Coaltech (a Chamber of Mines subsidiary) for the Centre for Sustainability in Mining and Industry (CSMI).
Working as a CSMI associate we contributed to an extensive international and local literature review, as well as two local case studies on mines that are busy closing down. The guideline provided a strategy for the social aspects of mine closure. Socio-economic closure activities were linked to the mine life cycle, while stakeholder engagement required in each phase was identified. We detailed action steps, outcomes and indicators for success, and provided a number of useful tools.