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Examples: Training and capacity building

Capacity building - community engagement: Mining Industry

With the appointment of a new team of community engagement and development (CED) managers at Anglo Platinum, the business need was to capacitate and equip these managers for more effective community engagement. As a CSMI associate, we developed tailor-made modules to address specific training needs, focusing, inter alia, on international standards, guidelines and principles for engagement, issues management and social risk mitigation, CED communication programmes, and the principles, processes, practice and outcomes of community development.

Capacity building - communication management: Government Agency

Following our involvement in strategy development and performance modelling at the Special Investigation Unit, the communication team's capacity to implement the newly developed strategy was strengthened by tailor-made modules developed and presented by us. The modules included research and evaluation, crisis communication, issue and risk management, best practice in employee communication, building a high performance culture and stakeholder engagement tools and best practice.

Building line management’s capacity to engage: Unilever

This multi-national company follows a Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) system in its factories as the way of continuously increasing productivity. However, research indicated that employee engagement and commitment can improve. This resulted in a need to develop a tailor-made capacity building programme to enhance engagement effectiveness within the TPM model. We visited the factories, observed how the TPM system works and then worked closely with the Brand and Communication team, TPM facilitators and Works Directors to design and develop a programme based on skills development in areas where staff engagement has the highest impact on organisational performance. We subsequently developed a training programme consisting of an online, web-enabled solution and a one-day workshop. The University of Pretoria accredited the training programme and partnered us in its implementation.