Top-rated services

Examples: Workshop facilitation

Branding and positioning of a newly formed Group: Construction Industry

The Photla group, consisting of a construction company (SKT Construction), a facility management company (Calibrate), a property management company (MetroProp) and an investment arm, was recently formed. We took the Group on a positioning and branding journey, and through various facilitated work sessions assisted with the development of a brand architecture, value propositions, vision articulation, a value set and a high-level marketing and communication strategy.

Stakeholder Mapping and Profiling exercise: Mining Industry

This project, conducted for RioTintoAlcan, was aimed at ensuring excellent stakeholder relations with all parties proclaiming a stake in this high-profile project in the Eastern Cape. A hub of stakeholder intelligence flowed from our facilitation of a number of workshops, and electronic collaboration among strategic partners such as Dti; CDC, IDC, Eskom and Alcan..