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Stakeholder Mapping & Profiling

A clear understanding of your organisation’s stakeholders, their needs, expectations and drivers is a vital prerequisite for successful stakeholder engagement. G3’s stakeholder mapping and stakeholder profiling offerings can be used to build your organisation’s stakeholder insights and intelligence engine, ensuring a stronger basis from which to prepare and plan for stakeholder engagements.

Stakeholder profiling

G3 Business Solutions can help your organisation conduct stakeholder profiling to develop a deep and detailed understanding of your stakeholders, be they individuals or organisations.

G3’s stakeholder profiling process can leverage primary research (through stakeholder in-depth interviews or stakeholder perception surveys) or secondary research (through desk research of information in the public domain), or a combination of the two – depending on urgency and stakeholder availability. Our stakeholder profiling processes can be used to identify, among others:

  • Stakeholder backgrounds
  • Stakeholder agendas and priorities
  • Stakeholder relationships and dynamics between stakeholders
  • Stakeholder engagement preferences
  • Past stakeholder statements and positions

Access to stakeholder profiles enable quality and effective involvement in stakeholder engagement.

Example: stakeholder profiling 

Stakeholder mapping

A stakeholder map is a powerful and visual tool through which to convey the stakes stakeholders have in an organisation or material issue, and their influence relative to one another. G3 Business Solutions can guide your organisation through a stakeholder mapping exercise resulting in:

  • Mapping priority stakeholders, rather than listing all stakeholders
  • Creating a shared picture of priority stakeholders and how they relate to each other, and the organisation or issue
  • Placement of stakeholders in one of four quadrants: shapers, influencers, followers or bystanders
  • Planning for the appropriate level of engagement based on placement on the map

Stakeholder maps can be developed for the orginsation as a whole, individual business units / operations, or based on a material issue. Stakeholder mapping is also a very useful tool to summarise your organisation’s stakeholder landscape, for example for annual reporting needs.

Example: stakeholder mapping