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Stakeholder Research & Insights

G3 Business Solutions has impeccable stakeholder research credentials. An important component of our unique stakeholder research offering is our proprietary online research platform and trial and tested face-to-face survey methodologies, coupled with our extensive experience in qualitative research. In particular, G3 is able to help your organisation gain stakeholder insights through stakeholder perception surveys and reputation surveys – which can provide vital insights for stakeholder management and engagement planning.

Our strong track record in stakeholder research shows in the data collected and analysed from the following methodologies (count as at August 2018):



This extensive body of knowledge has also placed us in a unique position of being able to provide valuable benchmarking services that leverage the anonymised data.

Stakeholder perception surveys, reputation surveys & stakeholder relationship health assessments.

Being able to empirically and scientifically measure how stakeholders perceive your organisation allows your team to plan better, and conduct better stakeholder engagement. With a Stakeholder Perception Survey or a Reputation Survey, your organization will be able to determine where it currently meets stakeholder expectations, and where there are gaps – providing an early warning mechanism and specific guidance on how to make improvements.

Another business need that research can solve is to assess the health of stakeholder relationships. We have the measuring instruments to reliably measure and track trust, commitment and satisfaction in institutional relationships over time.

Social performance stakeholder research

Social performance is best measured through socio-economic impact assessments where the emphasis is on the development and tracking of key performance indicators, directly linked to impact. Since 2009 we have regularly assessed the social and economic performance of clients measured in the effectiveness of specific interventions, and accumulated impact over time. This research provides valuable insights to help guide strategy development, and inform reporting to regulators, shareholders and other stakeholders.