Hayley van Schalkwijk

Quantitative Analyst

Hayley holds a Baccalaureus Commercii (Statistics) degree from the University of Pretoria (2004). She has fourteen years of working experience, of which eleven years have been in research across various sectors.

Hayley’s research journey started at AC Nielsen, where she spent five years, and held positions as Research Statistician, Project Manager and Data Science Leader. In her time at Nielsen, Hayley managed various large scale projects across a number of African countries. Hayley was awarded with two Nielsen Excellence Awards for her outstanding performance during successful project execution.

During her three years at Ask Afrika, Hayley gained vast customised research experience, where she held positions as Senior Statistician and Account Manager. Her strong analytical skills accompanied by her passion for and ability to translate data into valuable insights for clients proved to be of great value.

Her Business to Business research experience served her well during her tenure at BMi Research, where she held the position as Business to Business Research Manager and Executive Committee member.

Hayley is very passionate and excited about data and understands the value that insights drawn from the data, using advanced statistical techniques, can bring to businesses.