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About Us

G3 Business Solutions has pioneered the development of stakeholder engagement and stakeholder management as management disciplines, partnering with leading organisations on their journey towards stakeholder centricity and shared value. G3’s deep understanding of and experience in implementing the stakeholder engagement provisions of the King IV Report on Corporate Governance have made it a partner of choice in the fields of stakeholder engagement strategy, research, training, governance and reporting.

Our philosophy

G3 Business Solutions – our name embodies our deepest belief: sustainable growth and organisational success depend on enterprises striving for shared value by taking care of the triple bottom line (people, profits and the planet). Like our clients, we know that for organisations to prosper and deliver sustained value, the focus must be on the meaningful pursuit of value creation for all stakeholders.

We are also aware that sustainable socio-economic development on the continent is driven by partnerships between business, government and civil society. We therefore believe that growth in companies and growth on the continent can be raised to the t. power, or cubed, through stakeholder solutions.

Our approach

Every solution created by G3 Business Solutions is bespoke to the needs of our clients. While we always leverage our proven methodologies and established best practices, we place greater emphasis on solutions tailored to the needs of our clients when designing solutions for stakeholder management. The work we have done for clients has been recognised internationally. Our client relationships are built on long-term commitment and loyalty with on average 80% of projects at any point in time being recurring business from existing clients.

In today’s Everything-as-a-Service (EaaS) economy, the company’s business model is heavily dependent on highly skilled associates who play an integral part in delivering quality services solving for complex customer needs and challenges.

By leveraging associates to provide core business functions, the company can scale swiftly and access expertise and technology that would otherwise have been out of its reach. It can thus do what it needs to do to create solutions, not only at favourable rates to clients, but also more quickly and – with the agility required to cater for an ever-changing stakeholder landscape.  

Our associates are academics, other SMEs, individuals freelancing, or not-for-profit organisations, some working with the company for more than ten years.

B-BBEE credentials

In line with the latest policy thinking about broad-based empowerment, G3 Business Solutions is 100% owned by its employees and associates. This is enabled by the G3 Sizuza Sonke Trust. Employees and associates qualifying in terms of the B-BBBEE Codes, directly benefit from the profitability, growth and success of the company and collectively take management decisions about the company and its projects.









From a home base in Pretoria, Gauteng, we have conducted work in every province in South Africa. Our approach to research is to recruit, skill and empower teams of unemployed youth, local to the areas where we operate for all our data collection efforts. Our reach extends further into the continent and we have successfully led on-the-ground projects in Tanzania, Uganda, Zimbabwe, Namibia, Botswana and Gabon.

By leveraging our proprietary stakeholder research platform, we have also conducted insights gathering in 22 countries across Africa and the Middle East.