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Stakeholder Governance & Reporting

The adoption of the King IV Code of Corporate Governance, as well as the AccountAbility1000 Stakeholder Engagement Standards (AA1000SES) and Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), means that  assurance on stakeholder governance and reporting has become one of the most important considerations for company’s boards and shareholders. Having a robust stakeholder management policy, as well as clear stakeholder governance and reporting mechanisms, is an essential starting point in order to be fully aligned with the leading stakeholder engagement standards, both mandatory and voluntary.

Stakeholder management policy

The successful implementation of and compliance to King IV starts with a solid governance framework, underpinned by a robust stakeholder management policy, to help outline the key stakeholder management governance structures, including clear articulations of stakeholder relationship owners, interfaces and margins for engagement.

G3 Business Solutions can help your oorganisation develop a stakeholder mangament policy that is aligned with your current policy frameworks and formats, while remaining fully compliant to and aligned with King IV.

G3 can also assist with the internal rollout in of your stakeholder management policy, through our capacity building and training offerings, or through the creation of stakeholder engagement charters and/or standard operating procedures, to help provide guidance on the spirit in which stakeholder engagement should be undertaken.

Stakeholder management reporting

G3’s annual reporting work has been recognised internationally, winning awards which include the ER Excellence in Integrated Reporting award and the IABC Gold Quill award. Our offerings in this space include assistance with:


With specific emphasis on stakeholder identification, consultation, activities reporting and issues articulation, in compliance with King IV and other standards such as AA1000SES


In compliance with King IV and other standards standards such as AA1000SES