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Training & Capacity Building

The G3 Business Solutions team’s background in academia and strong instructional credentials means we’re able to provide high-quality capacity building and training in various stakeholder-related disciplines, including stakeholder management training and stakeholder capacity building to upskill organisational teams as required by client organisations.

In large and growing organisations, multiple representatives engage with stakeholders on a regular basis, be it in the form of specialist engagement with regulators, community representatives when issues arise or simply participation in organised business and industry bodies. An organisations’ relationship with stakeholders can sometimes hinge on the engagement that takes place between interfaces from both sides, whether planned or not.

In this environment, ensuring that all key organisational representatives have been exposed to stakeholder management training are well equipped to undertake the engagement, and aware of the organisation’s stakeholder management governance frameworks, is vital in order to reduce risk of reputation or stakeholder relationship damage. Likewise it is important that stakeholder engagement capacity be built across the organisation, at all levels – because stakeholder engagement can happen at any time.

G3 Business Solutions has conducted several hundred hours of training in:

  • Stakeholder management training
  • Stakeholder capacity building
  • Stakeholder engagement planning fundamentals (including stakeholder mapping and engagement reporting)
  • Stakeholder research fundamentals
  • Stakeholder management adherence to King IV for executives
  • Application of client’s stakeholder management policies and strategies
  • Building a monitoring and evaluation capacity to track success against KPIs relevant to social performance and reputation management