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Mining & Resources

The Mining and Resources sector accounts for 8% of South Africa’s GDP, and 16% of foreign direct investment. In many ways, it is a sector that still carries the hopes and dreams of the country – with various stakeholders holding different views on how the country’s immense mineral wealth should be managed. G3 Business Solutions has extensive experience in developing stakeholder management solutions for the mining industry.

This expertise in stakeholder management solutions for mining has grown in importance over the last decade, given the increased focus which a shared value and stakeholder-centric approach to business has gained in the mining and resources industries. Host communities, governments, strategic partners and shareholders have expectations that need to be factored into organisational planning.

Meanwhile, an evolving body of regulation governs how organisations are expected to undertake their social performance, stakeholder consultation, public participation and reporting on stakeholder-related engagement matters to their boards, regulators and stakeholders.

G3 Business Solutions has worked with several of the world’s leading companies in the extractive industry, including Anglo American (Kumba Iron Ore, Coal and Platinum divisions), De Beers, Rio Tinto Alcan, Sasol, BHP Billiton and Wesizwe Platinum, to develop stakeholder management solutions for the mining industry.

G3 Business Solutions can assist your organisation in navigating this dynamic stakeholder space, through solutions that include:

Stakeholder Engagement Facilitation, including planning and executing:

  • Community consultation sessions
  • Roadshows
  • Multi-stakeholder forums
  • Town hall meetings
  • Public participation proceedings
  • Round-tables and panel discussions

Stakeholder Research and Insights, including:

  • Socio-economic Impact Assessments
  • Stakeholder Perception Surveys
  • Community Need Assessments
  • Communication and Stakeholder Engagement Audits
  • Community Skills Assessments

Stakeholder Management Policy, Governance and Reporting, in alignments with among others:

  • Legislation and the regulatory framework
  • King IV Code of Corporate Governance
  • UN Global Compact
  • IFC Standards for Sustainability
  • Leading in-house standards such as Anglo American’s award-winning Anglo Social Way

Stakeholder Engagement Capacity Building and Training, including training of:

  • Mine leadership teams
  • Stakeholder and government engagement team members
  • Contractor company representatives