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Retail & FMCG

The retail sector employs an estimated 2,8 million people in South Africa, 22% of the national labour force. It is a vital sector for the country, and serves as a bell-weather for the health of the economy. Due to its importance, organisations in this sector are often singled out by stakeholder attention, and there is a definite need for specialist stakeholder management solutions for retail and FMCG.

Retail and FMCG are s frequently at the centre of critical stakeholder discussions on topics ranging from climate change, water stewardship and sustainable farming, to growing the middle class, food security and ensuring local produce and sourcing. A wide variety of stakeholders, from activist groups, to small businesses to customers, the media and government have clear expectations of organisations that operate in this sector.

G3 Business Solutions has developed stakeholder management solutions for retail and FMCG for a number of leading organisations including  Woolworths Holdings South Africa, Massmart, SAB Miller, and Tiger Brands.

G3 Business Solutions can assist your organisation with the following stakeholder management solutions for retail and FMCG:

Stakeholder Management and Reputation Management Planning, including:

  • Integrated Marketing and Stakeholder Communication planning, to ensure marketing messaging is stakeholder-centric and includes the organisation’s position on key social performance topics
  • Integrated Social Performance Planning
  • Stakeholder Management Strategies
  • Stakeholder Engagement Plans
  • Industry Organisation Engagement Plans
  • Government and Regulator Engagement Plans and Issue Response Planning

Stakeholder Engagement Facilitation, including planning and executing:

  • Community consultation sessions
  • Public participation
  • Round-tables
  • Panel discussions

Stakeholder Research and Insights, including:

  • Corporate social responsibility and foundation/trust project evaluations
  • Stakeholder perception surveys
  • Communication audits
  • Internal communication and employee assessment surveys
  • Product and market research in communities

Stakeholder Engagement Policy, Governance and Reporting, including:

  • King IV aligned Stakeholder Management Policies and practices
  • Reporting to the Social and Ethics Sub-Committee of the Board
  • Annual Integrated Reporting on stakeholder-related matters aligned with King IV, AA1000SES and other reporting requirements

Stakeholder Engagement Tracking, Monitoring and Evaluation, including:

  • Deployment of StakeTracker, the world’s leading stakeholder engagement tracking software