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Banking & Financial Services

South Africa, despite its “emerging market” status, has a sophisticated financial services sector. The finance, real estate and businesses services sector is South Africa’s biggest, comprising 21.1% of the country’s gross domestic product (GDP). It has been one of the driving engines of economic growth in the country and Africa as a whole, and for this reason has many unique dynamics that warrant bespoke stakeholder management solutions for financial services.

For example, experts predict that it is a sector that is ripe for disruption, with numerous new entrants ready to enter the market, all while mobile money and fintech revolutionise the way people handle their money, assets and data. At the same time, there are ongoing socio-political conversations about ‘monopoly capital’, financial inclusion, local ownership of banks, and wealth distribution which emphasise the importance of social legitimacy and a socio-political licence to operate. In this environment, your organisation needs a partner with a proven track record in developing and deploying stakeholder management solutions in financial services. 

G3 Business Solutions has worked with several leading entities in the financial services sector, developing stakeholder management solutions for financial services corporates such the Standard Bank Group, Absa Group, Nedbank, Sanlam Group, Liberty Group, Santam and Deloitte.

G3 Business Solutions can assist your organisation through a range of stakeholder management solutions for financial services, including:

Stakeholder Management, Corporate Reputation & Brand Management strategies:

  • Stakeholder, Corporate Reputation and Brand Management Strategies
  • Stakeholder Engagement and Corporate Communication Plans
  • Solutioning for Public Private Partnerships
  • Planning of Corporate Social Responsibility and shared value interventions
  • Issue Response Planning for emerging macro, market, regulatory and stakeholder issues

Stakeholder Research & Insights:

  • Stakeholder Perception Surveys
  • Corporate Reputation Surveys
  • Communication Audits
  • Internal Communication and Employee Assessment Surveys

Stakeholder Prioritisation & Mapping:

  • Identification, profiling and mapping of key stakeholders with a stake in the organisation or material issues at hand

Stakeholder Engagement Policy, Governance & Reporting:

  • King IV aligned Stakeholder Management Policies and practices
  • Reporting to the Social and Ethics Sub-Committee of the Board
  • Annual Integrated Reporting on stakeholder-related matters aligned with King IV, AA1000SES and other reporting requirements

Stakeholder Engagement Tracking, Monitoring & Evaluation:

  • Deployment of StakeTracker, the world’s leading stakeholder engagement tracking software