Karim Amade

Business Analyst

Karim Amade holds a Masters Degree in Marketing Management from the University of Pretoria in South Africa. He has lectured courses in communication, marketing, and brand strategy, direct marketing research at the University of Pretoria, Rhodes University, and the Vega School of Brand Leadership.

He authored several articles published in academic journals, including the South African Journal of Economics and Management Sciences, and the proceedings of academic conferences held in Germany, Mauritius, and South Africa.

After joining the private sector in 2010, he worked for G3 Business Solutions until 2016 when he accepted the position of Head of Marketing Communications at Zoona, a leading African financial technology startup that has raised over $25 million in venture capital investments.

Karim is currently the Chief Marketing Officer for Akilah Institute, a member of the Davis Education group in the United States, an Associate Business Analyst to G3 Business Solutions and a member of the G3 Sizuza Sonke Trust.