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Amplifying the impact of local Community Based Organisations (CBOs)

While NGOs are often huge and global, with big budgets, CBOs are usually small and local, and almost always cash strapped. Where NGOs often reach across borders, CBOs tend to be embedded in communities, which is one of the greatest strengths they bring – a strength that can be an invaluable asset to organisations undertaking or assessing the impact of corporate social responsibility initiatives in those communities. Yes, CBOs have their shortcomings too, mainly in the form of limited financial and business skills, but this is one of the ways that Business can contribute to CBOs in return for leveraging their community credibility. Charity Sathekge, who is both a full time employee of G3 Business Solutions and actively involved in her own CBO, explores how collaboration between Business and CBOs can benefit the community, strengthen the CBO and drive value for Business.

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